Material Transfer Agreements


UHN Researchers Requesting Materials

If you would like to receive materials from an academic institution or company, please follow the steps below to complete a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA):

1. Obtain the MTA from the academic institution or company.

2. Complete all required fields of the MTA from the academic institution or company and obtain all other required documentation, e.g., REB approval from either the external partner or from UHN, etc.

3. Once you have completed the above, submit your request, including all required documents, to the Commercialization at UHN office for processing via our online MTA Portal (log-in using your UHN Credentials) :

For reference, our tutorial materials on the MTA portal are located on the Commercialization at UHN Research Intranet, within the Technology Transfer & Commercialization department.

You can also view our portal video tutorial here


Please use your UHN credentials to log-in to the MTA portal:, and in the Tasks Box, click “Material and/or Data Transfer Agreement Portal”


Please note that all requests for materials will only be processed using this online submission portal.

For any questions, please contact our office at  To serve you better, please include the name of the external party (academic institution or company) and of the requested materials, in the subject of the email.


External Institutions/Parties Requesting Material Transfer:


For external institutions requesting material transfers, we request that you stay in touch with the UHN Principal Investigator you are collaborating with to facilitate your request.


Facilitating Research related to COVID-19

If you are a researcher working with a Canadian hospital, university, or federal/provincial government entity or other not-for-profit organization  in Canada, we have developed and would be pleased if you encouraged them in joining the “COVID Master Data & Biological Sample Transfer Agreement.”

This simple to use, streamlined template allows for inter-institutional COVID research (both basic and clinical) to be streamlined across the country.  The template has been achieved through ‘easy to agree’ terms, and a simple ‘implementing form’ approach which allows flexibility for additional and/or overriding language to suit each situation if necessary, and we are pleased to extend its adoption widely.

In fact, 20+  institutions across Ontario and beyond have joined the shared template model since the initiative began in 2020.

Read the original master agreement here

Know someone interested in joining? 

Download the Joinder Letter Here

Working with a signatory institution?

Download the easy to use template here.


TAHSN Simple Data/Material Transfer and Use Agreement

The Toronto Academic Health Science Network (TAHSN), of which UHN is a member, comprises academic health organizations providing leading edge research, teaching and clinical care in and around the greater Toronto area.

All members share a joint mission of health and biomedical-related research and work cooperatively to facilitate and enhance collaboration among researchers.

As part of a collaborative initiative among the TAHSN institutions, a simple D/MTA template has been adopted for common use with the aim of enhancing research partnerships, through an efficient and timely exchange of research data and materials across our institutions and researchers.

Note: If your project involves the transfer of data and/or human-derived materials, please submit the details of your study for review through CAPCR first.

For more information

You can access the common TAHSN template & guidelines here: